Sweet Potato Hash


On a Saturday morning about a year ago, Pete and I went out for breakfast to one of our favorite Stillwater restaurants, Chilkoot Café & Cyclery. A few blocks off the busy main drag, it’s an attractive café with counter service for breakfast and lunch, but for dinner, they bring out the candle light & linens, offering table service. A small, but adequate beer and wine list makes it a perfect date night place. By the way, they also have a full service bicycle shop in the back. But back to that breakfast—we had been there many times for dinner, but never for breakfast. The chalkboard menu had several vegetarian options, and with the weather transitioning to fall, I opted for the sweet potato hash with eggs & toast. Immediately I was in love! What a contrast in delicious flavors and textures—sweet, savory, a little crunchy, a little crispy, even a hint of tang. Paired with perfectly cooked eggs over easy, and a thick hunk of toasted homemade bread topped with jam, it was a flawless breakfast. I knew I must attempt it at home!


In addition to sweet potatoes, the chalkboard description listed green peppers, celery, onion, and dried cranberries, but didn’t indicate what gave it that tang. Some plain yogurt perhaps? A touch of melted cheddar? Sour cream?  When I decided to recreate this, I let my taste buds be my guide and came up with the following recipe. It’s one you can be totally flexible with and vary the vegetables, include another type of potato, leave the cheese out, whatever sounds good to you. I usually add a small gold potato, but today I had a couple purple new potatoes in my crock, and added them, hence the violet hues.


Sweet potatoes are now in season at our farmers’ markets, and the weather is teasing us with fall temperatures here and there, which led to a craving for this hash. Since I’ve recently mastered perfectly (most of the time) poached eggs, I topped the hash with a couple and served Bread Art’s toasted whole wheat baguette from yesterday’s trip to the Stillwater Farmers’ Market (my favorite because it’s one of the few that allows dogs). Enjoy!


Sweet Potato Hash

1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
½ cup chopped green bell pepper
½ cup chopped celery
Goya Adobo seasoning or salt & pepper, to taste
1 large sweet potato, cooked—microwaved is fine (peeled or not—your choice)
1 small gold potato, cooked and cubed
2 tablespoons plain Greek yogurt
1 oz. sharp cheddar cheese, diced
Handful of dried cranberries, chopped

Heat olive oil over medium in a heavy skillet, preferably cast iron. Add onion and green pepper and sprinkle with Adobo seasoning or salt & pepper. Cook several minutes; add celery and cook a couple minutes more. Add sweet and gold potato, sprinkle with a little more seasoning, and stir. Cook 5 minutes, letting the hash brown on the bottom for a few, then stir and let brown again. Stir in yogurt until fully incorporated. Sprinkle with cheese and stir until that has melted and is mixed in. Stir in dried cranberries. Serve hot with eggs cooked to your liking, along with some good quality toast. Serves 2-3.


2 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Hash

  1. This looks like the perfect “breakfast for two” for when the girls are on an over night sleepover at Grandma’s…Gotta plan one of those soon so I can try this out!(o: I have been perusing your recipes and they are really inspiring. Good to find new takes on the usual to get out of the cooking rutts. I’ll follow up with you after that sleepover!

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